Láhev 750ml Smile SBP1

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Kategorie: Ostatní domácí potřeby
- vyrobeno z materiálu TRITAN
- BPA free
- silikonové doplňky pro snadné držení
- integrované brčko
- kapacita 750ml
- rozměr 75 x 235 mm
- hmotnost 130g
- dostupné v 6 barvách

MPM is an entirely Polish company and brand of household appliances with a tradition stretching back over 20y.

MPM panel

The company's basic mission is to deliver to its customers high quality products with interesting design at an affordable price. The offer is aimed at those who are guided by common sense when buying household appliances - they do not want either to pay an excessive price or to get a product of substandard quality.

From the company's foundation in 1989, its core business has been small mechanical household appliances. During the initial period, its range was limited to a kettle produced in collaboration with the British company Strixm, the Samba flex-free kettle and other kettle models. The market's interest led to a gradual expansion of the range to include other electrical appliances such as food processors and heating fans.

Today there are nearly 250 appliances available in the range for fully equipping kitchens and other rooms of the house:


Expanding outside the field of electrical household appliances, MPM has also introduced wall mounted split air conditioning units into its offer, and in 2008 launched its range of larger appliances onto the market, adding refrigerators, washing machines and gas cookers to its offer.